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  • Welcome to CNal Financial Planning/ Bienvenue à Planification Financière CNal Inc.

  • Tax and estate planning strategies/ Planification fiscale et successorale

  • International and interprovincial transfers/ Répercussion des changements législatifs

  • Expatriate issues/ Enjeux pour les expatriés


We have over 25 years' experience in dealing with tax, estate, insurance, investment and retirement planning; as well as special situations that require our specific expertise and experience.


We are a fee-only financial planning firm which provides a highly personalized service with a focus on helping clients in their decision-making process. Check out our services for more information.


Our fee-only model allows us to remain objective in our recommendations as we have no vested interest in favouring one recommendation over another. We take a very pro-active approach in implementing our recommended strategies.

Our clients

Our clients include corporate executives, professionals, business owners and retirees. We do not just hit a button and produce a generic financial plan. We take the time to analyze clients’ needs and create a customized plan fitted to each client.

About Us

Who we are

At CNAL Financial Planning we pride ourselves on taking an objective view of our clients’ financial situations.

As a fee-only financial planning firm we help clients gain a global perspective of their financial situation.

As a result, our approach is totally impartial in addressing our clients’ objectives and needs. We take a very proactive approach in implementing our recommended strategies.

Over the years, we have developed a network of external professionals such as lawyers, notaries, investment specialists with whom we deal and who offer our clients competitive fees.

Our Credentials

Caroline Nalbantoglu has over 25 years experience in Financial Planning Services and the following credentials;
  • Member of the Order of Chartered Administrators of Quebec (Adm.A.,Pl.Fin.)

  • Certified Financial Planner (C.F.P.)

  • Registered Financial Planner (R.F.P.)

  • B. Admin. From Concordia University.

What we do

  • Tax and estate planning
  • International and interprovincial transfers
  • Canada/ U.S. cross boarder issues
  • Stock options and employee benefit plans
  • Pension plans
  • Cash flow and debt management
  • Termination counseling
  • Separation and divorce counseling
  • Tax return preparation

Caroline Nalbantoglu

Caroline has had 25 years in the financial planning industry. As a fee- only financial planner she can formulate objective action plans that enable her clients to attain their financial goals.
She holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Concordia University. She is a member of the Chartered Administrators of Quebec and she holds the following designations:
C. Adm. F.Pl., RFP, CFP.
She is often quoted in the media for her expertise and regularly contributes to the Family Finance columns in the National Post.

Ghislain Bradet

Prior to joining CNal Financial Planning Inc., Ghislain worked as an analyst within private wealth management firms for several years.
Ghislain’s expertise in preparing financial statements for small corporations and fiscal reporting for individuals and small businesses are invaluable assets to CNal Financial Planning clients. Ghislain holds a Bachelor of Business Administration from Université du Québec.

Monique Malo

Prior to joining CNal Financial Planning as an analyst and assistant financial planner, Monique worked for several years as a financial analyst with a major brokerage firm.
Monique is a welcome addition to CNal Financial Planning Inc. as her expertise in investments and her analytical mind help guide clients with their asset allocation and financial planning needs.
She holds a Masters in Business Administration (MBA) from Concordia University. She is a member of the Chartered Administrators of Quebec and she holds the following designations: C. Adm. F.Pl., CFA.


We understand that high income earners have little time to devote to their own financial affairs and need someone to oversee and coordinate their own finances, while they concentrate on their careers and families. We are proud to offer a holistic approach to financial planning. Our comprehensive plans are based on the big picture and encompass all aspects of a financial plan.

estate planning

  • Review of current wills
  • Will set up
  • Impact of marital regimes
  • Family patrimony issues
  • Use of trusts
  • U.S. estate tax exposure

risk & insurance analysis

  • Review of current protection
  • Life Insurance needs analysis
  • Disability insurance needs analysis
  • Critical insurance needs analysis
  • Home insurance analysis

income & tax planning

  • Income splitting
  • Tax minimization strategies
  • Expatriate issues
  • Income tax preparation
  • Impact of legislative changes
  • Stock options

Income & Investment Planning

  • Asset allocation analysis
  • Optimization of dividends, capital gains, interest income
  • Debt management
  • Investment monitoring
  • Pension plan analysis
  • Budget analysis

Retirement Planning

  • Annual income & expense projection
  • Annual net worth projection
  • Calculation of optimal expenses
  • Calculation of required savings
  • Estimate of company pension income
  • Recommendations on how to achiveve retirement objectives

As a fee-only financial planning firm we help clients gain a global perspective of their financial situation.

News// check our posts


In Quebec, a single mom we’ l l call Charlotte, 53, has seen her daughter, 22, through university. Charlotte’s life in financial terms is based on her middle management job with a large financial business which provides $ 3,974 monthly take home income. Unfortunately, it’s not enough to pay her bills which add up to $ 4,609 a month.

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As a financial planner, my job is never who have been transferred abroad who need advice; I have clients who need help with their estate planning, insurance planning, divorce issues, cash flow planning etc. After 28 years of experience one would think that I have seen pretty much everything, but there is always a client who shows up with a new wrinkle—that’s why my job is never boring.

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The couple’s problems centre on the complexity of their plans … how much to put in each basket. ‘We’re scrimping and saving, but we may not be doing enough. How can we improve our budget?

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Buyouts are often a polite term for getting fired with benefits, but there are cases when the employee can negotiate terms with the employer, arrange the timing — such as getting cash benefits paid over a two year period to reduce the tax bite, and, with a view of what is coming, take vacation time or get paid for not taking it, use the company car while you can or price a replacement car.

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Couple, 49, with large debts but substantial assets — mostly in real estate — and income want to retire at age 59 Sell unproductive assets — a trailer and lot they use occasionally — to reduce debts, plan income to cover future expenses

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Woman’s huge debts and costs of paying child’s tuition make it impossible to retire with desired income Use line of credit to pay high interest debt, economize to boost savings, retire with adequate income. The first move is the easiest — consolidate the $10,600 credit card bill with its sky-high interest rate, 19.99% per year, into her present home equity line of credit.

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A couple we’ll call Victor and Suzy have decided to drop out of the struggle to make money. Ontario residents ages 50 and 48, respectively, they have no children or other dependents, no debts and they are frugal to a fault. Their plan, already in process, is to quit their work and enjoy life. As a result, their incomes have slumped to what amounts to subsistence — together they bring in just $20,000 per year.

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Their lives are those of creative people who struggle with the art of complying with the taxes of two countries, for Paul is a U.S. citizen, resident in Canada for a decade. A tenured professor of sculpture, he brings home $4,800 a month. Marianne, a self-employed painter and Canadian citizen, has a fluctuating take-home income of $1,800 a month.

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Say you are 30 and you feel it’s time to think about retirement in three decades. There is a lot unpredictable about those 30 years. You could have children. Your parents could need financial help. A business or a career can flop.

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In Toronto, a couple we'll call Louis, 57, and his wife, Helena, 54, are real estate agents. In that bubbly market, they bring home $12,813 a month after tax.

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In Toronto, a couple we’ll call Louis, 57, and his wife, Helena, 54, are real estate agents. In that bubbly market, they bring home $12,813 per month after tax.

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On passe sa vie à tenter de contribuer le plus possible à son Régime enregistré d'épargne retraite. On nous incite d'ailleurs fortement à commencer à le faire le plus tôt possible dès notre vie de jeune adulte. C'est bien beau de passer sa vie à chercher à faire fructifier son REER mais comment en dispose-t-on une fois à la retraite? Bref, c'est quoi la vie après le REER?

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It is a question on the mind of anyone who has a mortgage or is planning to take one out: “what can I do to cut the cost of borrowing?” The answers are straightforward – among the leading strategies:

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A middle manager for the federal government, Suzy, has a 7.6% mortgage on her $220,000 Ottawa condo. She pays $1,084 per month for interest and principal, a quarter of her $4,300 monthly take-home income. With a seven-year term, it has three more years to run - an albatross she would dearly love to shed. Especially when it looks like interest rates have bottomed and can only rise, she worries that her moment to save money may be passing her by.

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Is your portfolio full and fairly diversified? Then how about venturing into collectibles? Interesting they may be, but the risks are large, liquidity is low and the spreads can kill you.

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A few years ago, a Montreal executive we’ll call Leonard was making $350,000 a year. Then, in a corporate restructuring, he got a pink slip and moved to the ranks of the unemployed.

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In Ottawa, a federal civil servant we’ll call Sarah, 49, is drowning in debts of $293,000 while supporting Karen, a disabled sister. That’s approximately five times her annual take-home income of $60,132. Payments to service this debt, $2,407 per month, take an astonishing 48% of after-tax monthly income. She has to borrow for day-to-day expenses. She will eventually be insolvent if she does not act decisively.

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